• VOLO, semire, smalti alla maiolica, 30x70cm-0
  • MEDITERRANEO, detail
  • ROSSO-ROSA, semire, samlti alla maiolica, 110cm di diametro
  • SAND COUPLE, vases no vases

to my World!

After studying Fine Arts at the "Accademia di Belle Arti" of Bologna and a specialization in Stoneware and Porcelain in the "Ballardini" Institute for Ceramics in Faenza, Italy, I have taught Ceramic Projects in the same institute. In recent years I have focused on the realization of abstract works, the "Recomposed" landscapes, playing with shapes and colors in perfect harmony. You will find too, a personal research on the use of "glaze on glaze" and the monochromes "terre sigillate". The strong impression left by the Mediterranean and South American landscapes has been the point of interest to the series "Ricomposti" and "Etruscan". Sculptures, sculptural panels and "vases no vases" pieces that, according to their position, become sculptures or decorative objects, will be in your presence. Welcome!

  • Aldo Rontini, Sculptor

    Fragment written for the Special Award won by Laghi at the International Ceramic Competition MINO, Japan.

    "The Laghi's work traces the personal path highlighted by the subtle plays of light and shadows generated by thicker and elevated shapes in contrast with the thinner and slightly concave shapes. Strong impression of Mediterranean landscapes, which are point of interest and artist�s work is present in the masterpiece.".

  • Josune Ruiz de Infante, Art Critic.

    Text for the Ceramic, Art and Perception Magazine

    "The latest works are characterized by an implosive movement of the blocks, making them compact and transforming them into clear and steady statements, through this Laghi's Etruscan poetic construction, the pieces became precise shapes inside regular, steady and precious abstract compositions; the colors take on a wider space, the colored glazes become more intensely bright and they play a sharp contrast between them and red clay"


  • 2018, May 11- 10 June
    ITALY GUEST NATION AT CERAMIC ART ANDENNE, BELGIUM I will be present at the Italian Contemporary Ceramic Exhibition. Cultural Center of Andenne, Belgium. www.facebook.com/ceramicartandenne www.ceramicartandenne.be/
  • 2018, May 18 – 27
    COLLECTIVE ITALIAN EXHIBITION: “Tra-Vasi ovvero Vasi Comunicanti: contenuto e contenitore nella ceramica contemporanea” Oratorio della Nobile Contrada del Nicchio, Siena, Italy.
  • 2018, August 1 – 2 September
    CERAMIC&COLOURS AWARD 2018 Collective exhibition and competition in the context of the international fair “ARGILLA” at “Sala delle Bandiere”, Faenza, Italy. www.facc-art.it